Maha Cosmetics PR Application

Would you like to be on the PR List for Maha Cosmetics? I am looking for passionate and enthusiastic beauty lovers who can represent my products and brand! 

Maha Cosmetics will provide you with free products in exchange for promotion and  clean, professional content. Please read below for the rest of the requirements.


  1. If you are chosen, you will receive a PR package!
  2. You must share a picture/video of unboxing your package on your story/feed and tag @mahacosmeticss.
  3. Within the first week of receiving your package, please create a look using the product(s) and tag @mahacosmeticss.
  4. Must also engage on posts, (like, comment, share, etc).
  5. If I see that you are able to keep up with these rules, I will continue to send you more PR packages as I release more products!


  • Free products!
  • Being on the PR List will also be promotion for you — I will promote you and share your work and socials on my website and social networks!


  • Please fill out the application form to be considered. 
  • Please only fill out the application once.
  • Once you have submitted your application, I'll review it and contact you if you have been accepted. 
  • Please fill out the application carefully and ensure all answers are correct.