Hi there! 👋 This is Maha from Maha Cosmetics. I get a lot of questions and interest about my small business, so I thought I'd answer them here so you can get to know me and my brand a little better!

Firstly, let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a senior in college studying Graphic Design and Marketing. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could start a business all by myself. However, with a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and consistency, I was able to do it!

This idea to create my own brand came to me right at the beginning of quarantine. I already had experience being on Instagram creating various eyeshadow looks on my makeup account (check it out here: @makeupbymaha._). Through this account, I was able to talk to many amazing people and collaborate with numerous makeup artists as well. As my makeup page grew, companies would find me and send their products to me to try out. Some of the packages I would receive were SO cute and eye-catching that I was inspired to create unique, striking products myself! 

I knew I wanted to create products that were distinct from any other company or business out there. Since I am studying Graphic Design, it is taught to always come up with your own designs and ideas to be able to stand out. After weeks of researching products that were already on the market, I came up with something different that I thought people would absolutely love.

The idea I came up with was to create Milkshake Bundles! Now, if you aren't familiar with Maha Cosmetics's Instagram or TikTok, let me explain the concept behind these. The first ever flavor I came out with for these milkshake bundles was cherry. The Cherry Milkshake Bundle comes with any lashes of your choice, candy, stickers, and a scrunchie. These items all act as "ingredients" that make up the milkshake! Of course, the bundle is completed by topping it off with some whipped cream (tissue paper), a straw, and a cherry on top! 😌🍒 What I am most proud of is that each and everything is designed all by myself -- my lash boxes, my logo, business cards, stickers -- everything. At first, I was nervous about launching something that was so different; however, once I received such a positive response, I knew I was on the right track. I then introduced a second flavor to my milkshake bundles, which was blue raspberry. I also created limited edition bundles for Halloween and for Christmas. Currently, I am working on Green Apple Milkshake Bundles!

Now, you may be wondering how people found my brand and my products. Well, within the first couple days of launching, I created a packaging video of my Cherry Milkshake Bundle on TikTok. Overnight, that video received over 1 million views and my business took off. I knew right then I created something amazing.

These days, my days consist of fulfilling orders and answering customer inquiries. Especially with the start of the new year, I am more than ever motivated to come out with more flavors, as well as new cosmetic products! I am just so thankful and grateful for all the support I have received so far. The most rewarding thing is when people message me saying they love my ideas and designs, and that they've never seen anything like this before. The endless support keeps me driven, and I can't wait to see what new things the new year holds for this business. ♥️